The Obsidian Diamond



ADAMAS caviar is award-winning, sustainably farmed caviar of the highest quality.  Produced at its own fully vertical farm located close to Milan, within the Natural Park of the Tormo river.  

The Tormo river comes from the area's flatland springs ; its water is fresh, crystal clear and pure, and our sturgeons are raised with GMO-free feed.

Our caviar production takes place at the farm in our fully accredited laboratory.  Using international salt masters we carefully preserve the caviar using the ancient and traditional "Malossol" (from Russian: little salt) method, which guarantees the best and most valuable quality.

From egg to egg we have total control over the full process of producing this exceptional caviar.  We pride ourselves on delivering the finest taste, highest farming standards, respect for the environment and protection of ancient caviar traditions.

Our caviar is sold around the world and we are pleased to be able to deliver this SOFI Award winning caviar fresh to your home.


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