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All Caviar with the Adamas label has been sustainably farmed at our own fully vertical farm in Northern Italy.  Our 3rd generation fish farmers are experts in Sturgeon farming and we pride ourselves on delivering the finest tasting caviar, highest farming standards, respect for the environment and protection of ancient caviar traditions.

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Adamas Caviar is a truly exceptional product sold around the world.   This Award Winning Caviar is no ordinary caviar!  Discover why this caviar is so highly regarded by caviar experts, Michelin starred chefs and our celebrity client base.

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Best New Seafood Product 2019

The SOFI Awards were established in 1973 to honour the best in speciality food across the USA.  Given out at the largest food fair in the US - the New York Fancy Food Festival - this is a huge endorsement of our best selling Black Label Caviar.

Award honorees are selected through a blind tasting process to find the innovators in each category.  The criteria for winning?  Have the best tasting product!


Used by some of the finest Chefs

Adamas Caviar is a hit with Chefs around the world who have been creating their own unique recipes using our products.

When Michelin Starred Chefs around the world chose the product, you know it is good!

Take a look at our photo gallery below for more inspiration.


Leaders in Fish Farming

Adamas is the brand of caviar produced by Salmo Pan srl, a farm that boasts its 3rd generation of fish farmers located in Pandino in the heart of the Tormo River National Park.  This privately owned farm is vertically integrated - we hand rear the sturgeon from egg to egg.

The quality of the water where our sturgeon are born and live is the key to our incredibly pure tasting caviar.  The water that feeds our farm is formed from the numerous springs in the area that naturally gushes to the surface after being filtered by hundreds of metres of sand and gravel.

The purest water means the purest caviar.

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Malossol Preservation

Our caviar is produced by a team of Russian and Ukranian salt masters to be able to draw on centuries' worth of experience in caviar preservation.

These salt masters use the original Malossol technique using both the dry salt and brine immersion methods to preserve our caviar.  Only they know the secrets of the correct brine density and time needed for the immersion of the caviar depending on the breed of the sturgeon and degree of maturation of the egg.

For them caviar is not food, it is a way of life!

In-house Production

All our caviar production is carried out on site at our own labaratory, which was approved by the European Community in 2016.

Equipped with the latest materials, our production facilities conform to the strictest hygiene and environmental procedures in line with stringent EU regulations.

Adamas Caviar means total control of every stage of the process so every single tin of caviar tastes as good as the first.

Cites Certification

Sturgeon are officially endangered species and the fishing of wild sturgeon is prohibited.

All companies wishing to produce caviar must comply with CITES regulations and every single tin of caviar we sell is fully traceable through the CITES database for your total guarantee of ethical production.

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Take a look at some of the creative dishes chefs around the world have been making with Award Winning Adamas caviar

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